DLC New Release

Ver. 2.21 Patch Notes

Yuel has been added as a playable character and additional weapons have been added to RPG Mode. Additionally, updates and bug fixes have been applied to certain modes.

Master points in Ranked Match mode have been reset, and a new rule has been added where any players who lose -10 Master points will be demoted to SSS.


Yuel has been added as a playable character.

*The above content is available with a separate DLC purchase.

*Please note: Granblue Fantasy bonuses are only included on the PS4™ version of the DLC.

Yuel’s Battle Concept

Yuel is a rushdown character who excels in quick close-range combat.

Her skills such as Starlit Sky and Hanaarashi are rushdown attacks that can close the gap foes from mid-range. She also has various tools that work well at close range, such as Foxflame with its quick recovery and Hien:Homuragaeshi with its invincibility properties.

Yuel possesses a good balance of skills specializing in close range, but her key ability is her Unique Action, the Third Dance stance. While in her Third Dance stance, she is unable to block, walk, jump, or use her standard skills. However, she can pressure her foes with a unique set of tools that allow her to perform quick steps and special attacks.

On top of that, any high-hitting attacks will automatically be countered with Eye of the Sparrow, so this can be used against unsuspecting foes. If her foe then adjusts to account for Eye of the Sparrow, Yuel can cancel her Third Dance stance and use her standard attacks again.

Finally, she can transition into the Third Dance stance directly from her skills as well. In this way, she can go from Starlit Sky to Third Dance stance and attack in one smooth motion. Utilizing the timing of Yuel’s Third Dance stance effectively during combat will be the key to victory.

Weapon skins for Yuel have been added.
– Sennen Goji
– Ichigo Vyrntofuri
– Swordfish
– Blushing Blossom Pin
– Izayoi
– Juzumaru
– Crimson Sapphire

*Sennen Goji is Yuel’s default weapon skin. The other weapon skins can be obtained through RPG Mode.

The following new music track has been added.
・Dance of a Thousand Years (VS Yuel)

*This track is only selectable if Yuel is available as a playable character.

■RPG Mode

The following new quest episodes have been added.
Ninetails of Danger
Location: Amalthea Island
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 45: “Captains’ Will” (Normal)
*Yuel must be available as a playable character to start this quest.
*This quest will still be displayed even if Yuel is not available as a playable character.

Panic at the Jewel Resort
Location: Auguste Isles
Unlock Requirement: Clear Ninetails of Danger
*Yuel must be available as a playable character to start this quest.

Dancing Foxflame (Hard)
Location: Fremel Island
Unlock Requirement: Unlock Fremel Island (Hard)

The following character can now be selected as the Quest Character and the Partner.

*Yuel must be available as a playable character in order to be selected.

The following new weapons have been added.
Blushing Blossom Pin (SSR/Fire)
Swordfish (SSR/Water)
Izayoi (SSR/Water)
Crimson Sapphire (SSR/Wind)
Juzumaru (SSR/Dark)
Ichigo Vyrntofuri (R/Dark)

*You can obtain them through “Forge Weapons” in Siero’s Shop or with weapon tickets.
*Certain weapons can also be obtained through the newly added quest episodes.

The following new treasure has been added.
・Yuel’s Medal

*This item can be obtained through a certain quest episode on Hard difficulty.

Color variants for Yuel have been added to Siero’s Shop.

New bonus missions have been added.

Improved the loading time for certain enemies and reduced the transition time within quests.


Yuel may now appear as a foe.

■Free Training

Pressing while highlighting Character Specific Settings, Counter-attack Settings, and Dummy Action Recording Settings will reset to default at once.

■Mission Training

Missions related to Yuel have been added.

Due to Belial’s adjustments, some of his Combo Practice have been changed.

*Yuel and Belial must be playable to access their missions.


The following new track has been added to the Battle Music section.
・Dance of a Thousand Years (VS Yuel)

*Purchasable with Renown Pendants.


Yuel has been added to the Character Design settings.

In the network options, a feature to set the opponent’s color and/or weapon skin to default has been added.


New trophies have been added.

The following lobby avatar has been added.

*Yuel’s avatar will be available only if she is playable.

The prized card characters from GBVS: Blitz have been adjusted.
・Card Character “Proto Bahamut (Special)”
・Card Character “Lyria (Special)”


Post limit in the notebook has been changed from 3 to 30.

The ranking for Tower of Babyl will now display up to 100th place.

Room Matches now have a feature where the host can set the stage and BGM for all matches.

The number of Versus Rank points obtained/lost have been adjusted in Ranked Matches.

The loading time when accessing the online lobby or battling for the second time has been reduced.

■Character Adjustments





*The attack level is the value given to represent the attack’s strength. Generally, a higher level results in longer hit stun and block stun, and a lower level results in the opposite.


■Bug Fixes








・Fixed text bugs.

・Applied minor bug fixes.