DLC New Release Update

Ver. 2.11 Patch Notes

Cagliostro has been added as a playable character and additional weapons have been added to RPG Mode. Additionally, updates and bug fixes have been applied to certain modes. 


Cagliostro has been added as a playable character.

*The above content is available with a separate DLC purchase.

*Please note: Granblue Fantasy bonuses are only included on the PS4™ version of the DLC.

Weapon skins for Cagliostro have been added.
– Magnum Opus
– Forbidden Invyrno
– Student Notebook
– Lunalu’s Debut Storybook
– Sacred Codex
– Dream Atlas
– Arshivelle’s Legacy

*Magnum Opus is Cagliostro’s default weapon skin. The other weapon skins can be obtained through RPG Mode.

The following new music track has been added.
・The Prettiest Alchemist (VS Cagliostro)

*This track is only selectable if Cagliostro is available as a playable character.

RPG Mode

The following new quest episodes have been added.
Chaos Theory
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 40: “The Absolute” (Normal)
*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character to start this quest.
*This quest will still be displayed even if Cagliostro is not available as a playable character.

Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Clear Chaos Theory
*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character to start this quest.

It’s Playtime
Location: Pandemonium
Unlock Requirement: Unlock Pandemonium (Hard)

The following character can now be selected as the Quest Character and the Partner.

*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character in order to be selected.

The following new weapons have been added.
Arshivelle’s Legacy (SSR/Light)
Dream Atlas (SSR/Water)
Sacred Codex (SR/Light)
Lunalu’s Debut Storybook (SR/Dark)
Student Notebook (R/Water)
Forbidden Invyrno (R/Dark)

*You can obtain them through “Forge Weapons” in Siero’s Shop or with weapon tickets.
*Certain weapons can also be obtained through the newly added quest episodes.

The following new treasure has been added.
・Cagliostro’s Medal

*This item can be obtained through a certain quest episode on Hard difficulty.

Color variants for Cagliostro have been added to Siero’s Shop.

New bonus missions have been added.

Free Training

Training settings related to Cagliostro have been added.

*Cagliostro must be available as a playable character to access these settings.

Mission Training

Missions related to Cagliostro have been added.

*Cagliostro must be playable to access her missions.


The following track has been added to the Battle Music section.
・The Prettiest Alchemist (VS Cagliostro)

*Purchasable with Renown Pendants.


New trophies have been added.
The following lobby avatar has been added.

*Cagliostro’s avatar will be available only if she is playable.

Character Adjustments / Bug Fixes





Known Issues

Sammy & Tommy

When Sammy & Tommy is used even once in battle, for the duration of the round, Elsam and Tomoi will not be displayed during certain actions.

*This has no effect on the game’s function.

Sammy & Tommy and Magnificent Tool of Destruction +

If Sammy & Tommy or Magnificent Tool of Destruction + hit, for the duration of the match the second time that either move hits, the moves’ combo scaling will not be taken into effect.

*The reason the combo scaling does not take effect is not because either skill was used first, but because they are counted separately. There is more damage in the corner, but this is unintentional.

*The above issues will be fixed in an update in the near future.


・Fixed text bugs.

・Applied minor bug fixes.