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Battle System
Game Modes

Battle System

GBVS features an intuitive yet extensive battle system, with skills that can be activated with the touch of a button, a unique skill cooldown system, and super skybound arts that can dramatically turn the tables on your opponent!  Players new to fighting games will enjoy the ease of controlling their favorite characters, while fighting game veterans will be able to experience the thrill of intense, tactical battles!

Match Rules
■ Battle Interface
Battle Interface
Round Icon
Displays the number of rounds won by the player.
Skill Icon
Displays available skills. (Unavailable skills’ icon will be darkened.)
SBA Gauge
Fills by dealing or receiving damage, among other actions.
When completely filled, you can use a skybound art or super skybound art.
Round Timer
Displays how much time is left in a round.
The round ends when the timer reaches 0.
HP Bar
Displays health.
The round ends when it reaches 0.
Chain Counter
Displays the number of consecutive hits performed.
System Text
Displays contextual combat information such as counters.
■ Match Format

A player wins a round when they reduce their opponent’s HP to zero.
The first player to win two rounds in total wins the match.

■ Round Time limit

Each round has a 99 second time limit.
When time runs out, the player with the higher amount of remaining HP wins the round.

■ Configuration Layout
Configuration Layout
Directional Buttons
Move / Block / Jump
Square Button
Light Attack
Triangle Button
Medium Attack
Circle Button
Heavy Attack
X Button
Unique Action
L1 Button
Throw (Can also be activated with Square Button + X Button )
L2 Button
Overhead Attack (Can also be activated with Triangle Button + Circle Button )
R1 Button
R2 Button

This controller layout is the default.  Button settings can be changed.

■ Avoiding Damage
Evade avoids all damage from incoming attacks except for throws.  However, there is a brief moment of vulnerability at the end of the move.
Cross Over
Cross overs avoid all damage from incoming attacks while advancing forward.  However, it doesn't work against throws and low attacks.

* You can hold R2 and press Left or Right to pull off these moves.

■ Skills
Skills Skills

Press the R1 button to use skills specific to that character.  Once activated, each skill cannot be reused until its cooldown time passes. (The respective skill icon will be darkened during cooldown.)

■ Skybound Art
Skybound Art
Skybound Art
Deals more damage than regular skills.  It can be activated when the SBA gauge is full.
■ Super Skybound Art
Super Skybound Art
Super Skybound Art
A super skybound art is an even more powerful skybound art.
It can only be activated when the SBA gauge is full and the character's HP is 30% or lower.
■ Technical Commands

Instead of using the R1 button as a shortcut, button inputs for activating skills, skybound arts, and super skybound arts can be entered manually.

The skill's cooldown will be shorter when activated by technical commands.

Game Modes

Play by yourself or with a friend, or challenge other players online.  The choice is up to you!

Versus Mode

The primary game mode.  Battle against the CPU or another player!

Arcade Mode

Fight your way toward the finish line, defeating the opponents that stand in your way!  The difficulty can be adjusted as desired.

Free Training

Offers a wide range of settings and functions to meet your individual needs.  Practice to your heart's content!

Mission Training

Polish your skill with missions covering everything from mastering basic controls to countering specific characters!

Online Matches

Create a room and battle other players online.  You can also queue up for ranked matches!

Online Lobby

Join an online lobby that can hold up to 64 players!  You can play matches and chat with other skyfarers!

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